Liberation Struggle/Donation

This is a monumental task of David Vs Goliath magnitude consequently the need for all and sundry to be on board, financially and otherwise in the interest of the enormous benefits for Mankind cannot be overemphasize. A lot of fortune/financial commitment has already been made and it is still in the making by the author. It is nice to inform all that half of the proceed from the book sales in this website/forum will be donated towards the pharmacy liberation struggle. We need more protest marches in Washington DC/ Capitol Hill/American Medical Association office until pharmacy liberation struggle is heard by all and sundry and the profession is free. The next protest march need to be organized and it entails money, commitment/volunteer by people and others. Whatever way you can contribute please do so, all money will be well accounted for. If you can volunteer your time let us know by contacting us through this forum. Monetary donations will be accepted through Bank of American Liberate Pharmacy LLC account.

Besides mass protest and prosecuting our case through elected officers, we need fearless, courageous and bold lawyers to plead our case through the court system, all the way to the Supreme Court with preponderance facts and enormous evidence available everywhere including this book, Pharmacy In Bondage. Lawyers who are not only courageous but brave enough to challenge the system with monumental facts and figures. We are available and open to any general gesture including those through elected officers, court system and other means by which pharmacy professional freedom can be secured, whichever one that come first is plausible, grandiose and welcome wholeheartedly with open arms.

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dr. ojo

Dr. Patrick Ojo was born and brought up in Benin City , Nigeria , Africa . He attended Benin Baptist Model Primary School, Evboneka Grammar School (high school), and Eghosa Grammar School briefly for one year before proceeding to University of Ife, Ile-Ife, for a degree in chemistry. He taught briefly at Government Girl’s College Ngelzarma, Borno State, as Assistant Head of the Science Department, and Oghada Grammar School, Edo State, as Head of the Science Department before migrating to the United States in 1988.

two pharmacy in bondage books


Note: 1st Edition has two(2) different book titles, but it is just the same book.

The book gives an historical account of pharmacy, and makes a case that pharmacists, with their extensive knowledge of drugs and how they interact with each other and in humans, are underutilized by our medical profession.